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Eric is an orphan, forgotten by the world and living his days filled with work and chores. That is until he gets locked in the basement where he discovers a secret tunnel that connects him directly to Santa's Headquarters. 

Come on a train building adventure in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Follow Jack through his amazement with all things trains, and watch as he brings together his friends and family on this train building  extravaganza. 

Cameron is a junior who exists in the shadows of high school in his small farming town, the kind of kid people see but don't know. Until he discovers the world of music, and how a song can change your entire life. 

Cameron is now facing the decisions of a lifetime, his own future. Now a senior, it's time to choose between his career as a musician or college. As his family struggles and the small town drags him back, he stumbles into the biggest choices life has to offer.


C.J. Livingstone was born and raised in a small farming village in the English countryside. After his childhood, he moved to London to pursue a career in writing and finance, with a focus on screenplays for TV and Feature Films. He moved to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and two children and has focused his writing and imagination on Young Adult  and Children's books inspired by his two sons. 

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